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Types of Massage

Different Types of MassageThere are many body massage techniques:

  • Classical. Its main goal is to improve the body and stimulate the lymphatic system. During the procedure, a person may experience discomfort. It happens because of the release of metabolic products from the tissues. Classic massage always starts with warming up the muscles and ends with light relaxing movements.
  • Relaxing or revitalizing. This procedure allows you to feel a surge of strength, energy and tune in before a new working day. Relaxing massage is necessarily accompanied by a relaxed psychological atmosphere – subdued lighting, light music, incense. Stone massage therapy is one of the prime examples of a relaxing massage. During the procedure, heated stones are placed on a selected part of the body. They act on biologically active points through which impulses go to the brain.
  • Therapeutic massage. A rather specific type of procedure is aimed at restoring the health of body parts. It is used in people with disorders of the musculoskeletal system, problems of movements’ coordination. Massage therapy is a stage of therapy for severe injuries and strokes. It is also used in children with cerebral palsy.
  • Thai. An important element is the use of aromatic oils and the effect on active points. This massage is used to restore the body and clean the brain. After the procedure, it is recommended to come home and take a warm bath. Massage with herbal bags is considered a kind of Thai massage.
  • Acupressure. It is performed with fingertips. This allows you to stimulate all active points. Also, the massage therapist defines body areas with fever and affects them. Acupressure requires enough time – 1.5 hours and over.
  • Anti-cellulite. This is a painful massage that improves blood circulation in a selected area. Most often performed in the hips, abdomen, back and arms. Anti-cellulite massage can be either manual or hardware.
  • Lymphatic drainage massage of the whole body is carried out using a special suit. Thanks to a short (30 minutes) duration, the lymphatic system is stimulated. Vessels take metabolic products from internal organs and deliver them to the blood flow, after which they are delivered to the liver and disposed of with bilis.
  • Hydromassage. It is performed by a stream of water under pressure in a special bath. It enhances blood circulation in all body parts and helps get rid of body fat.

After any massage, it is recommended to lie down for 15-20 minutes. This will allow the body to relax and recover.

There are more exotic types of massage. For example, massage with snakes or snails. It is believed that snails secrete a special secret that makes the skin smooth.

Massage with bamboo sticks allows you to increase blood circulation in the selected area and restore the body’s energy. This ancient type of oriental massage is quite painful.

There is an important rule when performing any massage to perform. The procedure should be carried out exclusively by a certified specialist. Improper performance can lead to microtrauma of the ligamentous apparatus and muscles. After such exposure, a long rehabilitation period will be required.