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Dimensions Massage Therapy Review

Dimensions Massage Therapy offers high-quality massage with a most experienced therapist at an affordable cost. This is a modern space located in Austin, Texas.

Dimensions Massage Therapy

Massage Services

  • Ashiatsu is a point pressure method created in Japan in the last century by Tokujiro Namikoshi, which has its roots in Chinese centuries-old massage practice. It is an alternative medicine that complements traditional methods of treatment. “Ashiatsu” is translated as “finger pressure” or “calming hands.” Ashiatsu therapy is aimed at acupuncture points and meridians. Acupuncture points (biologically active points) are located on the surface of the skin and are located on the energy meridians that penetrate our entire body and are associated with certain internal organs. Thanks to this, we get information about the state of a particular organ: if there is a malfunction, the corresponding point on the skin becomes painful long before the development of serious pathology. By clicking on the acupuncture points, we start recovery processes in this body, defeating the disease “in the bud”. Thus, the meridians and acupuncture points are part of the system of control, management and protection of the vital activity of the body;
  • Cupping/Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese massage that can be recommended as an adjunct therapy in the treatment of a sufficiently large number of diseases. Restoring normal blood and lymph circulation is the key not only to successful treatment but also to preventing many ailments. Therefore, it makes sense to periodically take massage courses, even if you are completely healthy. Preventive courses significantly reduce the risk of diseases. Gua Sha can be an effective additional treatment in case of the following diseases and ailments: diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, gynecologic diseases, diseases of the nervous system, diseases associated with articular dysfunction, diseases of the cardiovascular system, urinary tract diseases, and others;
  • Deep Tissue is one of the most effective massage methods. Its goal is to restore normal proportions of connective tissue formations, that is, increase movement volumes, improve posture, restore normal muscle function, and relieve pain. The connective tissue is the main target of deep tissue massage. Such massage is indicated and used for back pain, osteoarthritis, adhesions and scars with sprains, injuries and operations, tendon tension, pain in the cervical spine;
  • Lomi Lomi is translated as “loving hands”. It differs from ordinary massages. The movements of the masseur during the massage resemble the sacred Hawaiian dance of Hula, which uses the weight and center of gravity of the body and, in particular, the movement of the legs. In other words, the massage therapist is in constant rhythmic movement and uses very smooth, soft and deep techniques during the massage, performed primarily by the forearms. Due to the rhythm and softness, this massage has a strong therapeutic and relaxation effect. At the same time, “loving hands” of massage therapists harmonize the body and soul of the guest! This original massage stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system, promoting detoxification of the body, relieves muscle pain, fatigue and tension, relaxes the joints and generally harmonizes the body. Lomi Lomi is recommended for overwork and distraction, frequent general pain, stiff muscles and joints, nervousness;
  • Neuromuscular Therapy is a soft tissue massage that aims to reduce pain and treat disorders by stimulating trigger points located in the affected area. This massage is primarily focused on specific areas, called trigger points, rather than massaging the entire body. In general, a massage therapist uses fingers and elbows to study tissues and apply direct pressure. Originated in England, this soft tissue massage technique helps in stabilizing the central nervous system (CNS) to treat various health problems. This therapeutic massage is effective in treating unusual tingling and numbness of the extremities, neck pain, back pain, joint pain, and repeated movements, injuries. A well-trained therapist works at localized trigger points to stimulate blood circulation in ischemic tissues, thereby relieving pain and cramping;
  • Prenatal Massage allows muscles to relax, improves blood circulation, relieves pain and allows a pregnant woman to feel good. This method also helps to get rid of depression, irritability and insomnia. It eliminates blood stasis, reduces pain in the lower back and neck muscles. A massage therapist uses essential and natural oils to increase effectiveness during a massage. These procedures allow you to increase the elasticity and firmness of the skin, and the cells begin to actively receive oxygen and remove decay products, which significantly reduces the risk of varicose veins;
  • Sports Massage is widely used among professional athletes and amateur athletes in order to increase their performance and to warn the body from excessive loads. A course of sports massage is able to quickly restore the athlete’s body after injuries, prepare for important competitions, achieve and maintain a certain athletic form and also overcome physical and psychological fatigue;
  • Swedish Massage is a health-improving system that includes a number of effective movements designed to improve blood circulation, deeply affect the muscles and restore the musculoskeletal system, including making joints flexible. Massage has a complex therapeutic effect on the human body. It helps to relax and relieve fatigue, increases muscle tone and elasticity of the cover, restores physical and spiritual strength, minimizes swelling, speeds up the healing process of wounds, improves the flexibility and elasticity of joints. In addition, Swedish massage positively affects postoperative adhesions and scars. This system is effective in combating excess weight. This aspect is ensured by improving lymphatic drainage, normalizing metabolic processes and accelerating metabolism;
  • Thai Massage is a holistic system of healing, which includes a number of ways of influencing, such as deep pressure on muscle tissue, passive exercises resembling yoga poses, reflexology, stretching, opening joints, activating the flow of energy in the human body, acupressure. Traditional Thai massage allows you to achieve both deep relaxation and a natural influx of vitality. At the same time, the tone of blood vessels increases significantly and joint mobility increases. This is a standard of wellness practices that returns vitality, gives flexibility and lightness in the whole body and makes you feel great. Thai massage is a passive yoga that does not require physical effort: a massage therapist will do everything for you. Ancient wellness practice is aimed at increasing joint mobility, restoring blood circulation, relieving pain and muscle tension, and increasing overall tone. Massage is performed on a special mat. At the same time, the client is dressed in light cotton pajamas that do not constrain movements.

An additional service of the center is an infrared sauna. It is a closed room or cabin equipped with infrared emitters. Such cabins are usually made of natural wood: cedar, pine. When heated, the tree begins to secrete useful biologically active substances – volatile. Phytoncides are formed in plants and are capable of killing and inhibiting the growth and development of many pathogenic viruses, bacteria, microscopic fungi and protozoa. The air does not heat up in the infrared cabin. The working temperature for the sauna is 100-115°F. At this temperature, the human body warms up deeply and evenly. An important fact is that such heating does not give a big load on the heart. The process of profuse sweating begins, in which toxins and toxins go out through the skin, and the whole body is cleansed.


The owner and massage therapist of Dimensions Massage Therapy is Trevor C. He graduated from the National Holistic Institutes where he completed 1350 hour Core and Advanced program. Trevor has over 5 years of experience in massage therapy. He is certified in California and licensed in Texas. Trevor specializes in Swedish, Neuromuscular Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, Sports, Thai, and Shiatsu. Each of his massage sessions meets the individual client needs. You can see a full list of massage therapists below. The detailed information about each specialist can be found on their website



All massage modalities at Dimensions Massage Therapy are charged at the same rate (i.e. a 60-minute Thai massage cost the same as a 60-minute prenatal massage).

A 30-minute massage will cost you $49. A 60-minute massage is available for $79. The cost of a 90-minute massage is $99. 30-minute infrared sauna if offered for $29.

Currently, the center gas some special offers for their clients:

  • 60-minute Ashiatsu massage for only $49 in August;
  • Free tank top with purchase of any bundle.


  • Dimensions mobile application;
  • Hydraulic massage tables;
  • Mindbody online;
  • Custom lighting (clients can pick the color of their room);
  • Heated tables;
  • Free Wi-Fi;
  • Convenient location.

Contact Information

Location: 4477 S Lamar Blvd, Suite #410, Austin, TX 78745 (Westgate Shopping Center near Yoga Yoga and Central Market)
Phone: (512) 436-9191

Hours of Operation

  • Sunday: 10am-3pm
  • Monday: closed
  • Tuesday: 10am-9pm
  • Wednesday: 10am-9pm
  • Thursday: 10am-9pm
  • Friday: 10am-9pm
  • Saturday: 8:45am-9pm

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